Volkswagen: госсекретарь Бенинг проинформировал о возобновлении производства и охране здоровья на заводе в Вольфсбурге

Слева направо: Андреас Тостманн, член правления по производству и логистике марки Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Бьорн Бенинг, статс-секретарь Федерального министерства труда и социальных дел (BMAS), Штефан Лот, глава завода Volkswagen в Вольфсбурге, Бернд Остерлох, председатель общего и группового рабочих советов, Гуннар Килиан, директор по персоналу Volkswagen Group. – кредит фотографии: Фольксваген

Член правления Volkswagen Group по кадрам Гуннар Килиан, Андреас Тостманн, член правления по производству и логистике марки Volkswagen, а также председатель генерального и производственного совета Бернд Остерло проинформировали Böhning об успешном возобновлении производства и связанных с ним комплексных мерах по охране здоровья.

State Secretary Björn Böhning said: “The corona pandemic has a significant impact on the entire economy and thus on the whole world of work. If more people return to their workplaces, the risk of infection increases. An occupational safety standard adapted to the situation is therefore necessary. For this reason, the BMAS has developed the corona occupational safety standard together with social partners, the occupational safety authorities of the federal states and the accident insurance institutions. It applies to all employers and employees and contains nationwide and cross-sector reliable minimum standards for the protection against infection. The corona occupational safety standard gives companies and employees the security they need to get back to work. In addition, the corona occupational health and safety staff at BMAS advises on the further development of occupational health and safety standards in the course of the pandemic. This requires an exchange with practitioners and companies, just like today. “

Gunnar Kilian, Board Member for Human Resources at the Volkswagen Group: “Health protection is our top priority when restarting production. The 100-point plan that we agreed with the works council enables us to consistently pursue this goal even during the restart. The first weeks after the resumption of production show that the protective measures defined therein work very well and are being implemented excellently by our colleagues. I would like to expressly thank the team for this.”

Andreas Tostmann, Member of the Board of Management for Logistics and Production at the Volkswagen brand, said: “The team managed the restart very well. Our processes and setup have proven their worth. Not a single component is missing in the production, the employees have accepted the health protection measures well. Now it is a matter of the automotive market starting up again as quickly as possible. “

Bernd Osterloh, General and Group Works Council Chairman, emphasized: “With our general works agreement on health protection, we have set a standard in industry. We have now received inquiries from all over the world about the 100-point plan – from Japan to California. We developed most of the measures directly on site with the great expertise of our experts from the workforce. That was real teamwork – proof of the strength of Volkswagen.”

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